John Beswick Kingfisher Figurine JBB23

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An interesting fact about kingfishers, they all have large heads for their body size, short legs, and stubby tails, and long sharp pointed bills.
There are 114 species of kingfishers alive today.

John Beswick Kingfisher JBB23

Manufacturer: Beswick Pottery
Model Number: Kingfisher JBB23
Height: 11.5 cm
Length: 10.0 cm
Production: 1980-Now
These equestrian ceramic pieces are individually Hand painted, and signed.

This John Beswick Kingfisher figurine above is still in production today, so it’s not hard to find and relatively inexpensive to buy. This is a nice piece for any equestrian collection, or as a standalone piece.

  • Pictures shown are from the John Beswick Catalogue and are their stock photos.
  • Please be aware that there may be from time to time slight colour variation between the stock pictures used and the actual product in real life.

Beswick Pottery started in 1894 located at Gold Street in Longton Stoke-on-Trent, and has become famous worldwide, for producing fine ceramic models, and exquisite gifts.

During its lifetime, the company has changed hands a few times, and in 2004, the Beswick name and product design rights, have been acquired by the Dartington Crystal group.

The good news is that production of these magnificent, porcelain and decorative pieces, are still being developed, and produced to this day, albeit, from a new studio location.

So the future looks good for collectors, who will have more to choose from each year.

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